Fethi Filali, Eng., MSc., Ph.D., Habilitation, CS.

Head of Technology Development & Applied Research, Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), Doha, Qatar


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Current research projects (grants)

  • QNRF NPRP Projects
    • As Lead PI:
      • CopITS: Cooperative Cars and Roads for Safer and Intelligent Transport Systems (2010-2013): http://www.copits.org
      • CoSMob: Cooperative Systems for Smart Mobility Services anbd Solutions (2013-2016): http://www.cosmob.org
      • CellCar: Advanced Cellular Technologies for Connected Cars (2013-1016): http://www.cellcar.org 
    • As Co-PI:
      • Qatar Power System Transition to Smart Grid (2014-1017): http://qatarsmartgrid.gastli.info
      • CoCoDi: Optimized Energy Video Streaming Strategies for Wirelesess Networks with Cooperation among Mobile devices (2010-2013): http://www.cocodi.org

Previous projects (grants)

  • French-government funded projects:
  • IST FP7 Projects:
      • iTETRIS: An Integrated Wireless and Traffic Platform for Real-Time Road Traffic Management Solutions: http://www.ict-itetris.eu
  • IST FP6 projects