Fethi Filali, Eng., MSc., Ph.D., Habilitation, CS.

Head of Technology Development & Applied Research, Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), Doha, Qatar


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Message to Prospective Students

If you are looking for an intership, a Ph.D or Postdoc research position in wireless networking (see my research interests), send me a mail including your CV. I'm looking for highly skilled and English-fluent candidates.
I am open-indeed and I strongly encourage-graduate students to develop their own ideas and interests either within the context of on-going projects or in a new direction of mutual interest to me.
With respect to graduate student advising, my role is to provide general ideas and opportunities (funding, contacts, meetings, etc), to provide advice and direction in the execution of the research, and to provide a strong hand in shaping the communication of research results and interpretations in presentations and publications.